STOP, don’t go on that long walk or short hike with out water and some kind of food for hiking!  These high protein bars at a low cost: Quest Bars 20 grams and low carb, Pure Protein Bars 18-32 grams and Clif Builder Bars 20 grams are the best food for hiking to put in your pocket or pack.  A short hike can turn into a long hike just because you have to see what is around the next bend in the trail.

Hiking puts a demand on your body. What fuel do you give your body so that it can perform at its’ best? At the end of the hiking day a healthy meal is essential.

food for hiking / hiking meals Mountain House – Many Varieties Food for hiking / hiking mealsBeef Stroganoff with Wild Rice
Natural High – Freeze Dried Foods
food for hiking / hiking meals
Backpackers Pantry
Energy Club Trail Mix

Most hikers will want a hot meal. Plan on eating a lot more than you would at home. I have known hikers that eat the portion of food for two and on occasion the portion for four! The best food for hiking is something that is light weight, don’t need to tell you that, easy to fix and that it tastes good. There are some very good freeze dried meals available, Mountain House, Natural High and Backpackers Pantry are three with the highest reviews. I know that cost is always a concern, but remember that you need to replenish your body or the next day will not enjoyable.

I have taken the time to read and research the products listed on this site so you have, in my opinion, the very best food for hiking are right here at a low price. The freeze dried meals are designed so they have the nutrition needed after the day of hiking. The Protein Bars are not those that are really candy bars in disguise. On this site you will find protein bars that athletes and body builders eat. I have narrowed the field to three brands of full meal protein bars: Quest Bars, Pure Protein Bars and Clif Builder Bars. One energy bar, Clif Energy Bar. One brand of snack bars, Kind Bars and two whole nutrition bars, Luna Bar and Quest Bar. There are three brands of freeze dried meals and a trail mix. They all are healthy but have a different purpose.

If not used on a hike, these food for hiking bars will not go to waste because they are also very good for your everyday life. No more skipped breakfasts when a meal protein bar is handy.  You should also think of healthier snacks at break time.

Don’t forget the Kids food for hiking.  Clif Kid Bars are great for that healthy hike break, lunch treat or after school snack.

Many people take their dogs along with them on hikes.  It is extremely important to remember water and hiking food for them.  Canine Caviar Trail Mix Dog Treats is a low fat, chewy, buffalo treat for the hiking dog.

WATER, I can’t say that enough.  The day hikers are the worst for not having water or food for hiking! Eight ounces of water is need to eat with the protein bars. You are going to get dehydrated fast out hiking. I have seen people get out of their cars and start off on a long walk or short hike with no water or hiking food.

START NOW. Pick the best food for hiking that fits your need and start an everyday  healthier life style!

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